Audacity crashes every time I open a file

Running Yosemite 10.2.2
Audacity 2.0.6

If I right click Audacity and then click Open, Audacity will open, but any which way I try to open a previously recorded file, no matter what it is, Audacity crashes.



Which OS have you really got. Yosemite started with 10.10.x
Audacity doesn’t support Yosemite yet.

However, it should’t be that bad. Are you trying to run Audacity from inside the dmg? You have to actually install Audacity for it to work.


Audacity 2.0.x does not support OS X 10.2.x.

If you actually have Yosemite, try this pre-release of Audacity 2.1.0 that does support Yosemite:

Make sure the resource you are opening the file from is valid, not a broken or missing drive or a network drive that is not properly connected.

If Audacity 2.1.0 still crashes opening the file, please let us have the Mac crash report. To find that report, assuming you are on Yosemite, open Finder, then choose Go > Go to Folder and type:



Koz, thanks for your blistering level of condescension. Very helpful. 10.10.2.

Gale, thanks for the Yosemite link. Unfortunately, I’m still having the same issue. Should I paste the crash report here or email Audacity?

All us tech support types start blowing fuses at typos in version numbers :slight_smile:

Please paste it here. Press the “Code” button above the message window, then paste, which formats the text more readably.

What is an example full path to a file that crashes for example Users/aaron/Downloads/mysong.m4a? Or are the problem files Audacity projects?

You only need to right-click and Open the first time. Does it help if you just double-click to launch it, or if you drag the file in from Finder instead of using Open or Import?

Import “might” work better. We know of crashes opening or exporting files when there is (or has been) more than one project window, but we have never been able to reproduce the problem.

If you don’t mind using a slower “debug” build that might give us better crash information.



I see - I imagine typos in version numbers can result in hours of irrelevant tech support conversation - I can understand the sensitivity now :slight_smile:

The problem files are Audacity projects. When I said previously, “…no matter what it is,” I was referring to the various ways to open a file, not various types of files - I now realize that wasn’t clear from my phrasing.


I noticed that when I Forced Quit the application, the OS didn’t prompt me about whether I wanted to see a crash report, and it hadn’t been doing that the last few times I Forced Quit. So this time, I just waited out the spinning beach ball to see if the program would crash on its own - but this time the file actually opened. I have a suspicion it would have opened if I’d waited longer that last few times this happened.

So all appears well for now. Thanks for your efforts.

You still should not get the Spinning BeachBall of Death. That happens when OS-X allocates time for a task and the task takes way longer than expected.

How Long are the shows?

You never actually said you installed Audacity — dragged the Audacity folder to /Applications, or alternatively, did you get the installer with the graphic and big arrow “Drag This To That?”


I did not realise it was a freeze rather than an unforced crash.

Yosemite has a much reduced tendency to beachball compared to Mavericks in my experience, so I agree the beachballs are a concern. Can you give a path to one of these AUP files that causes a beachball, and as Koz says, is it a long project (many hours of audio or many tracks)?