Audacity crashes every time a new UI is called

Version: Audacity 2.0.3
Program Use: audio editing/recording for Youtube videos

I have been having this issue since I first downloaded audacity a week ago and I can’t understand why it’s happening or how to fix it. Each time I use any of the menu options in the file menu that would open a new User Interface other that the “export multiple” option, Audacity crashes. I’ve checked my drivers and done all I know that might fix it but it still happens. I have a windows XP pro service pack 3. If anyone knows how to fix this or why it’s happening I’d love the help.

thank you

Even File > Save Project? Save Project doesn’t open any interfaces.


When I do that Audacity crashes to desktop. I don’t know why. If it helps I could record it and a few other options to show what happens.

So do you mean opening any dialogue that opens or saves files?

Does File > New crash?

Can you try resetting Audacity Preferences. The easiest way to do this is to reinstall 2.0.3, ensuring that “Reset Preferences” is checked. Please see here for explanation .


Yes I do. The only one that will work is export multiple and if I click on anything in the UI that is brought up from that it will crash.

No File>New does not crash but it is the same as the one that opens from the icon so if it did I wouldn’t be able to even open Audacity.

I just tried doing this after reading your reply and the same thing is happening. Do you have any Idea why it might be happening?


Do you have any Idea why it might be happening?

Not so far, no.

If you open Audacity and then File > New, you should get two Audacitys like this:

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 8.12.59 AM.png

Yes. I do get two instances of Audacity open. That hasn’t been a problem. The main problem is the other selection. Save project, Open, save project as, save compressed compressed copy, import, export, the options for export multiple, etc. Ones like them cause Audacity to crash to desktop when ever they are clicked. I just have no idea why. I can save files I edit by doing export multiple and then just continuing without changing anything but it’s a round about way to just do save project.


it’s a round about way to just do save project.

It’s no way to save a project. It’s a way to export sound files. We need to be really careful how we describe the symptoms. You want to save your show by exporting a sound file. We hang on your every word, so they all count.

Also, we may need you to do something that seems silly. Just go with it.

When you say “crash,” you mean Audacity just vanishes from the screen, right? You click File > Export… and Audacity vanishes like it was never there? What happens if you use the shortcut keys, Shift-Control-E? (The keys may be different on your machine)


Yes, it vanishes from the screen and closes the program and it’s as if I never ran it until I reopen Audacity and then it asks if I want to recover my project.
I just tried using the shortcut keys and the same thing happens. Audacity closes to desktop.

Yes, thank you. We’re staring at the screen wondering the next direction to go with this. Koz

Just out of curiosity. Would the fact that I have a combine audio video card be a reason for this?

Not directly, no, but it does prompt me to ask about your storage. The video people generally have tons of storage and Audacity doesn’t always get along with some connection techniques. Describe the machine. You introduced the problem with wanting to capture YouTube sound, but even though that’s a restricted task, you still have to put the data somewhere, and that somewhere could be on any one of your three USB2.2 connected, multi-terrabyte hard drives.

So describe the difference between your machine and one I could go to Computer Mart and buy with a really short laundry list. It’s not a laptop, is it?

We’re getting into the “How To Ask A Question” problem. The YouTube thing could be a total red herring. You’ve been good about this, but I think we need to get serious about data collection – because what we got doesn’t come out to anything.


Many people are disappointed to find that Audacity can’t deal with Network Connected Storage for one example. Koz

As Koz said I don’t think it’s related to your crashes, but audacity only records audio. It cannot record audio from a combined video and audio signal.

Export Multiple and Export would share the same export path, but Export Multiple uses a custom file save dialogue rather than the generic operating system open/save dialogue. So I would suspect at the moment that some program you have on your computer is interfering with those standard open/save dialogues rather than there is a problem with the path the dialogue opens to.

If you find Notepad and open it, then File > Open, does it crash?

If not, please attach two files.

First, the audacity.cfg settings file . Make sure you are showing hidden files and folders then go to Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacity, find audacity.cfg and attach it to your reply. Please see here for how to attach files: .

Second, attach a list of your installed programs. Please see here for how to do that: .


Personally I wouldn’t rule it out at this stage, but I think that Gale’s idea is more likely.