Audacity crashes: *** BUG *** In pixman_region32_init_rect

Some LADSPA plugins cause a crash when trying to load them. One plugin in specific is parabola_1649_data.

Audacity Version: 2.2.2
Distribution: Arch Linux (fairly up to date, see comment below)
LADSPA Plugin Versions:

ladspa 1.13-6
amb-plugins 0.8.1-4  
blop 0.2.8-2  
caps 0.9.24-3  
cmt 1.16-6  
fil-plugins 0.3.0-4  
g2reverb 0.7.1-4  
mcp-plugins 0.4.0-4  
pvoc 0.1.12-3  
rev-plugins 0.7.1-4  
swh-plugins 0.4.17-2  
tap-plugins 1.0.0-2  
vco-plugins 0.3.0-4  
wah-plugins 0.1.0-4

Audacity also complains of duplicate files from lv2, but I’l figure that out later unless it’s related.
I will await advice. For now I will perform a full system upgrade, even though none of the files seem very related, and reboot.

For anyone who wants to know, here’s what I’m updating. I’m putting this information here in case it resolves the issue, then I have a record of what fixed it.

bluez-5.49-4  bluez-libs-5.49-4  curl-7.60.0-1  discover- e2fsprogs-1.44.2-1  gnupg-2.2.7-1  gst-libav-1.14.1-1  gst-plugins-bad-1.14.1-1 gst-plugins-base-1.14.1-1  gst-plugins-base-libs-1.14.1-1  gst-plugins-good-1.14.1-1 gst-plugins-ugly-1.14.1-1  gstreamer-1.14.1-1  imagemagick-  krb5-1.16.1-1 krunner-5.46.0-2  kuiserver-5.12.5-2  lib32-curl-7.60.0-1  lib32-e2fsprogs-1.44.2-1 lib32-libcurl-compat-7.60.0-1  lib32-libcurl-gnutls-7.60.0-1  libcurl-compat-7.60.0-1 libcurl-gnutls-7.60.0-1  libdmx-1.1.4-1  libdrm-2.4.92-1  libinput-1.10.7-1 libmagick-  libmagick6-  libqalculate-2.5.0-1  libsrtp-1:2.2.0-1 linux-4.16.9-1  linux-headers-4.16.9-1  mesa-18.0.3-4  nano-2.9.7-1 nvidia-dkms-396.24-3  pacman-mirrorlist-20180517-1  plasma-workspace-5.12.5-2 python-3.6.5-3  qqc2-desktop-style-5.46.2-1  sudo-1.8.23-2 virtualbox-host-modules-arch-5.2.12-2  wayland-1.15.0-1  wayland-protocols-1.14-1 xdg-utils-1.1.3-1  xf86-video-ati-1:18.0.1-2  xfce4-cpufreq-plugin-1.2.0-1 xfce4-terminal-  xorg-server-1.20.0-2  xorg-server-common-1.20.0-2 (26.8 KB)

parabola_1649_data is one of the blop plug-ins. The blop plug-ins are known to be buggy, and it looks like their development was abandoned about 14 years ago, so I think it’s unlikely they will be fixed now. This bug was reported to the blop project in 2015, but no reply.

Thanks for the fast answer. That’s exactly what I needed to know!
Just to be sure I tested loading most of the blop plugins, and nearly every one crashed. Good riddance to the bugs.
A bit of pacman -R blop and deleting .audacity-data fixed everything. I’l just make a mental note to never install it again.
I was able to select all plugins and enable them, no crashes, no problems. Thanks once again.