Audacity crashed and I can't recover my files!!!

I was working on a project for school. And I was using Audacity to record dialog for a digital media presentation. after recording 10 minutes of audio I went to save but I got a pop up stating that an unexpected error has accrued and to either , exit, continue or Ignore. I hit Ignore in hopes I could still save my projects after spending 3 hours on it. but NOPE the pause button had a weird dotted box around it, I could not hit play or stop and could not save. I looked Online to try and find a solution and EVERY were I went says to close the program and to open it again and Audacity will have a pop up saying if I want to recover my audio. I deiced it was probably the only thing I could do and tried it but NOTHING came up. I am now in sheer panic right now. I tried to recover it manually but the auto save didn’t save any of the audio files that were in my project but for some stupid rezone it did save about 10 five second audio file of me testing my mic and trying to get it to work (which I didn’t save on purpose) I really need help Is their any way to recover my files I worked really hard on them. Any help will be HIGHLY appreciated, this project is worth most of my current grade and need theses files :frowning:

. I am using Audacity 1.3.11-Beta (I was required to use this version for a class in school and don’t know if their are any new versions)
.I am using Windows 7 Pro x64 bit

One of the advantages of the newer Audacity versions is Advanced Disaster Recovery. I think that’s what everybody is referring to when they said to restart Audacity.

The older Audacity versions had a magic dance you had to do to prevent the program from accidentally stepping on the work files. I believe once the older programs restart, that’s the end of the world.

You can continue to try to recover, but also plan what you would do if the show doesn’t come back.

The latest Audacity is 2.1.2.


I’ll try the newer version. Thanks!

1.3.11 Automatic Crash Recovery was on the basis of a “timer” so that (over-simplified) you got back all your changes except the most recent changes. I don’t think 2.1.2 will recover the audio any differently because it will be using the same AUTOSAVE file, lacking the most recent changes, that 1.3.11 was using.

The data from the recording is still there but you must force quit Audacity in Windows Task Manager to preserve it. Don’t File > Exit Audacity because either if you save or don’t save, the recording will be discarded. Then if 2.1.2 doesn’t show you the recording, follow to string together the AU files from the recording that are in Audacity’s temporary folder.