Audacity crashed...again...cannot recover files

hi - I finished recording 2 hours of something. Went to listen to it, Audacity turned white, hung, froze, waited 4 hours, still the same, closed program, opened back up–autosave didn’t work (again). Accessed the unsaved files here to manually recover:

(aup3unsaved etc)

The 3 back-up files were there (with extension .UNSAVEDFILE or whatever - they’re gone now). I did what you’re supposed to and saved them with the extension .aup3 (again–whatever - it’s gone now), and Audacity didn’t recognize them as anything it could open.

Once again: didn’t work…I’ve seen dozens of calls for help with this same issue. Any definitive tip or trick for manually recovering files when–not certain why it seems frequently not to work–the autosave function doesn’t kick in?

Not looking for preventive tips (“create a project!” “save regularly!”) because many of us by 2024 are accustomed to software having an autosave that works. It’s almost worse than having nothing than to have it work 90% of the time and fail 10%.

Any suggestions about how to manually recover files? Seems like many people would appreciate it…or even better…instead of things like removing the ability to click on a divider to join clips, be lovely if the devs were to improve the autosave function?

Thank you!

Ahem - you are looking for a car where nobody needs to sit in front and drive it? Just everything done automatically?

Even if autosave exists in an application, it is a good advice to save the work. You never know when something fails.

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No, I’m looking for a car that doesn’t stall for no reason, and then doesn’t start back up again…or sometimes does…and sometimes doesn’t…and sometimes does.

Very poor form to try to gaslight and shame users–mocking them for bringing up something legitimate and important–telling them they issue they raise is trivial, unreasonable, illogical, or outrageous–and they are the problem, implying they are lazy, stupid, and avoiding personal responsibility.

What I broached simply is standard in pretty much every app rolled out since 1999.

Stop blaming the user.

There is—and has continuously been—a problem with Audacity.

Auto-save and auto-recovery are fundamental, standard software features. This needs to be fixed.

The purported solution—and associated “backup files”—does not work

Audacity has the past year or so been rolling out all manner of extraneous features—and removing actually useful features.

I get it’s more “fun” for developers to do that than focus on maintenance, usability, and actual functional improvement.

But it is inexcusable that basic functionality like autosave and autorecovery is only sporadically working properly. And that the “fix” does not seem ever to work. For anyone.

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