Audacity crash recovery help

Hi gang. My Audacity crashed and didn’t save my recording. I used the auto-recovery and it froze/crashed again. Then I lost that automatic recovery function. Upon searching, I came across three files in the SessionData temp folder. They are .aup3unsaved .aup3unsaved-shm and .aup3unsaved-wal. Is there still a chance I could recover my project? Thank you!

You can try moving the three “unsaved” files to a temp folder and renaming them, so that they they have only the following file extensions:


Another option might be to restore your PC to an earlier date, copying the files to a USB drive then undoing the restore.

Thanks, Djard. I’m not sure I followed. I have the three files. And what should I do after I resaved them to those file extensions? I tried opening just the .aup3 file alone with Audacity, and it was blank, and I’m not sure what to do with the .aup3-shm and aup3-wal files.

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