Audacity crash on Fedora 40

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to Fedora 40 from Fedora 39 and am now experiencing random crashes in Audacity while editing recorded audio or recording new audio. This happens regardless of the audio and at seemingly random times.

Details below.

System info
Operating System: Fedora Linux 40
KDE Plasma Version: 6.0.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 6.2.0
Qt Version: 6.7.0
Kernel Version: 6.8.9-300.fc40.x86_64 (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: Wayland
Processors: 12 × AMD Ryzen 5 7600 6-Core Processor
Memory: 30.5 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: AMD Radeon Graphics
Manufacturer: ASUS

Audacity version info
Audacity 3.4.2

Audacity crash log

What I have tried
Restarting my PC.
Restarting Audacity.