Audacity crash all the time

(Sorry, english is not my first english)
So, I’m using windows 10 and the newest version of Audacity
Every time I try to save the project or export (I download ffmpeg and lame) audacity crashes and I have to open it again.
I don’t know what to do anymore, so I would like some help

Thank you

Are you getting an error message?

Have you tried exporting to WAV? (Saving your project or exporting to WAV does not require LAME or FFmpeg.)

(I download ffmpeg and lame)

LAME is for exporting MP3s. (You can open MP3s without it.)

FFmpeg is for importing and exporting a wide variety of other formats.

They are both optional and if you need them for the formats you are using, download and install following the instructions [u]here[/u].