Audacity couldn't record!

I wish I could send u a video of what’s going wrong with Audacity. But anyways, I’ll try to explain with words: -

I opened a saved file. Hit “R” to record vocals. & yes, microphone checked: it was working. As I started recording, it would record a shortest section, & as the pointer moved to the next section, the older section’s recording is lost! . . . & then over & over & over the same happened till the end of recording, & ultimately, it showed me a straight blue line: nothing was recorded! Why???

Plz help . . . I’m totally dependant on Audacity for my music recording . . . I need to get this fixed as soon as possible.

I’m totally dependant on Audacity for my music recording

So this used to work?
Did you do any upgrades or updates? This is the kind of thing people get right after the phrase “My new computer.”


I haven’t done any upgrade or update. The thing is, it won’t let me record in any of the two already saved files. But, if I try to open a new file & record, then there’s no problem.

There’s a fuzzy recall of a problem like this. Audacity tries to record to its cache system and it’s either not there at all, or possibly the Virus Protection system is “helping you” by destroying the work.

There’s another one, too. The machine is running out of room. The video people have a phrase that pays:

"I’ve been doing this for years and today, suddenly, it doesn’t work.

Do you ever clean out your machine?


Dueling posts.

It could still be size. A new song will be a lot smaller than an established song.


Well, whatever is causing the problem . . . the important thing is what’s the solution?

Either the audio data is not being written to disk, or it is being deleted immediately after being written, or it is being written but then cannot be read.

Details are important here:
Is this happening with a project that is saved to disk, or with a new project that has not yet been saved?

It’s happening with a project that has been already saved.

What is the name and location of the saved project?

Somewhere in the “Documents” . . . I renamed the file once, & saved the whole project again; and since it won’t let me save anywhere else than Desktop, I saved it on Desktop first and then cut & paste it into the Documents where I wanted it to be. Could it be that these renaming and moving things I did might the reason for the problem?

That’s strange. Why doesn’t it let you save to Documents?
Do you get an error if you try to save to Documents?
Can you save from other applications to Documents?
Are you working on an network?

It says, I don’t have permission to save in that location, and I’ll have to contact administrator to get that permission . . . And, no, I’m not working on an network. I hope I’ll be able to append my project . . .