Audacity Configuration Error

Yesterday in the middle of opening audio files to edit them I started getting a configuration error stating “the configuration file FirstTime.ini could not be accessed”
I am still able to open and use audacity but can no longer “right-click open with audacity” without getting this error.
Clicking the help button for more info leads to a “404 not found the requested url was not found on this server”

My computer runs windows 10

When the problem started I was using audacity 3.2.4, but updated to 3.2.5 and the problem still exists

The FirstTime.ini file still exists and hasn’t been moved

I’ve tried reinstalling audacity but that did nothing

I have write permissions for the files (I made them) and have plenty of free space on my computer

I have the same problem. Again, I’ve manually changed the access security to Full Control, but the same error comes up. I’m unable to get access to Audacity beyond this error message.