Audacity Closes upon opening program

I have tried to reinstall earlier version and also the latest 2.0.05 but nothing is working. I would click the program and the audactiy sign would pop up and nothing else. I tried running from my program files still nothing. Tried opening it as administrator still nothing. I tried a different hard drive still nothing. I dont know what to do anymore. It worked last year before i went away. I Came back and it doesnt work any more.

We don’t have a “2.0.05” version so I suggest you ensure you download the 2.0.5 exe installer from here: .

I suggest you try installing or reinstalling Audacity 2.0.5 as above but make sure you check (tick) the “Reset Preferences” box half way through installation. Please see: .


Ohh sorry i accidentally added another 0. but i have tried to reinstall the 2.0.5 clicked the reset preferences and still nothing works

Did you say “Yes” after installation when Audacity asked if you really wanted to reset preferences?

If you click “Yes” do you see a dialogue that says “Install VST Effects”? If so, click “Cancel” on that dialogue. Does that help?

Try to say what you see rather than “nothing works”. That tells us “nothing”. :wink:


I clicked yes on everything you pointed out. Allowed everything to reinstall. then the window that says launch audacity pops up i pressed finish. then after that it ask if i want to reset preferences. i click yes. the audacity logo pops up then nothing. Nothing loads. Nothing continues. I check task manager and nothing is running. so i hope that answers your question on what i mean by nothing.

That’s not what should happen. You should see the “Install VST Effects” dialogue.

If you have not yet done so, can you choose the “Processes” tab of Task Manager, then click “Image Name” to sort the list of processes alphabetically?

If you try to launch Audacity now, do you see one or more audacity.exe processes in Task Manager?

What else have you changed before the problem started? Have you added a security program that monitors and blocks applications from running?

Have you installed different audio or video drivers for any devices?

Have you tried looking at Windows System Restore? You could try restoring your computer from a restore point when Audacity was working normally.