Audacity cannot record with RME Babyface Pro fs and Catalina

Audacity can record with RME babyface Pro fs - Windows 10, However Audacity can not record with RME babyface Pro fs - Mac/Catalina.

Babyface Pro fs can work with Mac-Catalina fine, and can output sound through Babyface Pro fs.
But Audacity can not record, Please teach any Check points or USB drivers.

I’m guessing that you mean that Audacity “can not” record on Catalina, in which case, see this post:

Audacity can not record、even I tried these,
And I can not find audacity in Privacy - Mic box.
Also “Audio Hijack” can not record RME Babyface Pro under Catalina, I think these from same reason of Audacity problem. ( even is listed in Mic - Privacy.)

  1. Go to Applications > Utilities 2) Launch 3) in the Terminal dialog type the following command following command:open /Applications/
    This will open Audacity and then Terminal will actually ask for the correct permissions.

Sorry not included these,
Audacity 2.3.3
Mac 10.15.3(19D76)

Which version of Audio Hijack?

App version 3.6.3
Build 2019-12-19 17:09:58

Does that allow you a free update to 3.6.4?

Do you mean when trying to record directly with Audio Hijack (not involving Audacity at all)?

Both software can not record with RME babyface Pro -Catalina MAC.

Audacity can not record. ( even Windows Audacity can record with RME babyface Pro)
Audio Hijack can not record ( Windows has no Audio Hijack )

What version drivers do you have for the Babyface Pro? (The current version, supporting Catalina, is 3.18 09/13/2019:

I installed Babyface Pro 3.18_3 -Mac
So I can use Babyface as Output device, however Audacity can not record Babyface Pro input.
Appreciate your suggestions.

In case of Windows10 Audacity,
I select as follow
Record device as SPDF/ADAT(1+2) in Sound -Windows10
REcord device as SPDF/ADAT(1+2) (RME Babyface) - Audacity Windows10
and can record well

adding to above
Optical data inputting case, RME Babyface signal get in to AS1/2

MAC Catalina Sound setting to Babyface Pro Audio Device can set ,
Output Analog 1,2,3,4 and ADAT 1,2
Input Mic/Line1,2 Instrument 3/4 only and can not set ADAT/SPDIF 1, 2 ADAT 3-8

Maybe, if MAC - Catalina can output to ADAT/SPDIF1,2, Audacity can record…?
Appreciate suggestions to this…

Suggestions from Audio Hijack support gave a good results in Audio Hijack-Recording with Babyface.
The solution is to set input device, using the advanced settings in the Input Device block.(Audio Hijack) I set targeting chanel as left-5 and right -6, and start recording.
I think, selecting input device functions might be valuable for Audacity - Mac-Catalina.