Audacity cannot find the bluetooth headphone

I’m using Fedora 34 (KDE flavour), but I had the same exact problem in 33.
Audacity 3.0.2
Installed from the GUI software center (Discover)

  1. Each time I open Audacity, the list of playback devices is different (For instance, some times my Shure MV5 output is not seen)
  2. But my blutooth headset (Sony WH-1000XM3, connected as L2DP, LDAC, and able to play sound from other applications) is never listed.

I’ve checked all shown sinks and none of them outputs to my bluetooth headphone.

The headphone was connected before running audacity and running “Rescan Audio Devices” has no effect.

How can these two problems be fixed? Thanks.

Do wired headphones work?


The way I use bluetooth audio devices is via PulseAudio.
You don’t appear to have PulseAudio running, so it may not be possible for Audacity to use the device.