Audacity automation

I am looking for some help on automating a process in Audacity. Trying to make training recording easy to do for novice Audacity users.
I’ve looked into chains and it does some of the processes but not all.
Basically, I would like to automate the following to;
After liVe recording do some tweaks to audio, truncate silents, compress, apply regular interval label,etc. pretty easy with chains.
But then export multiple labels with date specific name, add some meta data, creating new date specific directory for both in both wav and mp3 file format. Also save the project.

I could probably do this with Windows powershell script but need command line option. Are those available? Or would a different way be better.

Audacity Chains has come a long way, but it’s just not a programming language which is what you’re looking for.


Audacity doesn’t expose enough command-line options to help you.

You’ll either have to install AutoHotKey or similar and write a script, or if you are a developer, compile Audacity and use its Scripting feature.