Audacity .aup3 files don't open

recently a folder that contains audacity .aup3 files god deleted accidently and i recovered it using diskdrill files recovery software. it recovered mst of the lost items, but unfortunately when i try to open the files using audacity v3.3.3 it shows the error attached , when i try to press file > open as advised it shows the same error all over again ! cannot import aup3 format. use file > open instead

This misleading error message can occur on some damaged .aup3 projects as the open and import logic is somewhat circuitous.

So it is likely that this particular .aup3 file is trashed. See cannot import AUP3 format, Use file> open instead and cannot import aup3 format. use file>open instead

I suppose you could try this recovery procedure: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery. Good luck. Report back what you find.

when i try the tool provided it shows the error attached file is not a database

the file is 1 of 121 files to be recovered its the same size before the delete 34.3 mb so i think it can be recovered somehow

Kudos on going through the motions.

I looked at a hex dump of your bicycle aup3 file and didn’t see anything resembling a database. Sorry. :frowning_face:

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