Audacity aup.3 is too large (or too long) to open

Hi! I’ve recently recorded an audio book thath is 13.6 hours long. I saved the project after recording, got my coffee and started editing with effects, and then… when, some sort of an error accured, and now i can’t open the project. Are there any ways to fix it?

It’s audacity 3.3.3., Windows 11, aup3 file

Is the whole book one AUP3 file?

When Audacity does editing, it makes copies of The Whole Show as it goes. So your 13 hour show is being saved as multiple 13 hour shows as you edit. That’s how Audacity does UNDO.

One of the senior elves may be along shortly with a possible rescue.

You are supposed to announce, save, and edit one chapter at a time. Export WAV copies of each chapter as emergency backups.

ACX Requires you to post your book in high quality 192-Constant MP3 Chapters. So you’re going to have to break up the book anyway.


What is the error? See: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

Before you do any editing make sure you save a .WAV file backup.

Note that when you do any edits, Audacity saves UNDO information, so it can roll back your change if you decide you don’t want it. But the downside of this is that even a simply amplify operation of say, .01, will double the size of a new project.

When I edit large projects, I save then close the project after every two or three edits.

Alternatively, you can select a smaller chuck of audio, say 1 hour, copy it, then paste it to a new project and work with the new project. Do NOT copy smart clip information.

Does Audacity still offer "Save As? You may not have to close out the show.


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