Audacity as DAW software?

I would like to find out if Audacity can be used as DAW software between digital piano and a Ketron sound module via USB connections? The current 5 pin Midi connection with the Ketron SD1000 and piano doesnt solve a problem

I usually use Audacity for my piano recordings by importing them then exporting them where I can then burn them to cd or just store them.

I’m new to software so please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject.


Which Audacity and which Windows?
Audacity doesn’t speak MIDI in any useful way, so if that’s your question, then no.

I didn’t get a goal. You want to play your piano and mix it with that other device?

You want to overdub your piano multiple times? We need the goal.

Again, the software will not play anything over MIDI.


Hi Koz.

Ooops.I better add the details.I have a digital piano and a soundf module that can connect 2 different ways:

1)With 5 pin Midi cable between piano and module.

2)via USB between say computer/ipad,module and piano.This being the best way.The ipad screen can have software installed that can then be used to active sounds which then get played on piano.Here is one example:
This piano player uses their ipad to active sounds that are on the sound module.(the silver box on the right side on the music stand in front of piano).Thats the goal.

A performer taking some action and then have a musical instrument produce music or sound is generally handled by MIDI. So whereas a “real” DAW should be able to manage that with no trouble, Audacity is going to look up at you and wonder what to do.

We can certainly record the result of other software performing those actions, and we can play back sounds and music as long as you don’t need MIDI control to do it.

I think the worst thing the developers did was give Audacity some tiny ability to recognize MIDI, so now we have to remember what that small fragment is instead of just saying Audacity doesn’t recognize MIDI at all.


Thank you.
I’ll just have to find something appropriate.If I connect up via USB then I dont need the Midi connection.

Most MIDI compliant instruments send MIDI over USB. Only the older ones have the 5-pin DIN/Tuchel connector. They make adapters to go back and forth if your piano has one and the computer has the other.

You should dig in your instructions. Keyboards with the 5-pin DIN typically do not have USB audio. They’re too old. Keyboards with one USB connector typically use that only for MIDI and you may be left, as in my case, of getting the stereo sound out by tapping into the headphone connection.

There are celebrity keyboards with non-standard USB management and those you really have to look up.

My 61 key keyboard had the older 5-pin MIDI and I actually mated it with my PC which also had a 5-pin. My current 88 key has MIDI on USB and I’ve never tried it.


On my Roland RD700SX piano it has both USB and Midi connections.Even in that video that piano player has the same.
He isnt connected via Midi,he is connected up via USB with piano,module and ipad.The ipad has DAW software on it.

If it’s plain USB audio, you should be able to record it in Audacity. May be not part of a complicated production because, as above, all Audacity can do is record and play. No control.

Plug it into your computer and open the Windows Control Panels. You should be able to select the USB Sound Device and get the Windows sound meter to jump. Once you get that far see if you can find the same thing in the Audacity Device Toolbar pulldown just above the blue waves. Open Audacity after you connect the USB.


I’ve been using Audacity after I record onto my Tascam digital recorder.I upload files to computer folder then import files to audacity,usually 2 at any 1 time,then export them.Thats all I use it for.
Looks like I’m back to finding DAW software.