Audacity as a product

I don’t know if this is possible, but I was telling a friend of mine about audacity, and he thought about this idea:

What if audacity sold their own mics, or a little device in which you didn’t need to install in onto a computer? Like a kindle, or Ipad, but instead it’s the audacity app, and a mic inside. So from there, you upload your file onto your computer, and then from computer to wherever you need it to go. But this way, you’d have audacity on the go.

I told him that audacity is basically on the go anyway, just a computer click away, but he wanted to know what the forum had to think of it. I personally think it’s a cool idea, and knowing that audacity makes some pretty cool features to help get your mic set right, though it would only be interesting to see how they build their own mic, but I don’t see why it’s any different from a computer.

What if audacity sold their own mics, or a little device in which you didn’t need to install in onto a computer?

Such as the Zoom series. This is a Zoom H1n sound recorder. I shot an audiobook quality sound test with that—just as you see it—and a quiet room.

[Zoom is not associated with Audacity]

This, or something like it may be indicated if you struggle with connecting a microphone to your computer for much over about two weeks.

Computer connections can be a career move. It’s the obvious choice if you need mobility, although this isn’t the best recorder for field interview use.


I’ve never owned a Zoom mic, but I’m constantly hearing good things about them… now I see why. I did not know audacity created them, now I want one, knowing that they’re made for high quality

There is no association with Audacity. The poster was just describing a product that already exists, and Zoom isn’t the only company making stuff like this.

You are warned that the products available have a threshold below which you should not go. There are tiny Voice Recorders on the market which have Voice Processing, Noise Reduction and Environment Management that you cannot turn off. Another limiting “feature” is an inability to produce a WAV sound file. They’re stuck in MP3. Run away.

I would kill to figure out the spells to record good quality on a smartphone.


now I want one

Read the bad reviews before you pop for one. Most of them are actually correct.

You can’t hand-hold an H1n in normal use. The “affordable” (cheap) plastic body transmits every hand motion into the show.

It does not normally come with a memory chip and the memory chip is required for normal operation. I sent a very stern letter (on paper) to Sweetwater Sound about their failure to mention this. I was able to point to their own web page comments from other people who got burned.

It is battery operated. The up side to that is a complete isolation from electrical and mechanical noises. The down side is…it’s battery operated. I forget the official numbers, but you can expect about 10 hours of normal operation before alkalines go flat. They offer a wall power supply, rechargables, etc. etc

You have to transfer the work to your computer for editing. You can pull the memory chip out and plug it into your computer chip adapter (you have to buy), or I favor mounting the H1n on the computer with a USB cable and make the H1n into a chip reader.

It’s stereo. It produces two sound channels, left and right. I use the Audacity Transport > Mix > Mix Down To Mono. I have to do that for every performance.

There are others, but as you get accustomed to using it, you might remember Ian in Hollywood who has the forum record for longest posting. 39 forum chapters and a bit over a year. All he wanted to do was record audiobooks in his apartment.

We got him working, too.