Audacity & apple new update


So I have done the same steps in opening audacity via the terminal but:

  1. do I have to always paste the link/code line ---- open /Applications/ —
    into the terminal?

  2. the microphone is ticked with audacity and terminal but still no recording?!

It recorded before then everything stopped?

Many thanks in advance

Someone reported that they were able to create a “Desktop alias” to the command: MAC OS CATALINA - #9 by sajal_1986

What’s happening? A “flat line” recording?

What are you trying to record, and what equipment are you using?

Hi Steve,

Yes, it shows flat line and I am just making podstcasts using Rode podcaster mic

audacity doesn’t open even if I paste open /Applications/ into terminal

I’m confused. How did you launch Audacity for your first post in this thread?

Hi Steve,

first, I read the first ticket here on how to open which was via terminal and pasting the code to open and then ticked the privacy settings for the future. I then shut down my mac and when I turned it next time, I repeated the same steps but it keeps giving me a flat line and doesn’t record.

I am not sure what have I done wrong and if there is a video to follow, it would be gratefully appreciated!


So does Audacity run, or not?