Audacity App not recognizing aud files

So, i have been using the version of Audacity from the Microsoft store for a while, and it worked great. then one day, it stopped working, so i decided to download the one from When i opened the new app up, it seemed just fine (the things on the toolbar were overlapping on each other, but that was a easy fix.) Then i uninstalled the old one, and that’s when everything went Down Hill.

The icons of the aud files i had saved turned to a blank piece of paper, and a upon clicking on them, a window popped up, saying “how would you like to open this app?” When i strolled through the options, Audacity was nowhere to be found!
So next i tried to drag a file in to the program while it was open, but it showed nothing. Even when i made a new file it didn’t work.

I Have no idea why it is doing this, where to go from here.
sincerely, JDMcBob678.

P.S I am using 2.3.2, and is using the latest version of windows 10.

That is not an official version of Audacity. It is a “repackaged” version by a company that likes to take other people’s work and sell it for profit without contributing anything to the software projects that they exploit.

The correct course of action is to contact the seller and demand support from them. They have your money, so they have the responsibility to support “their” product.

This is probably because Audacity project files are still associated with the Microsoft Store version of Audacity, which is no longer installed. Ask the seller how to completely remove their software, including “file associations in the Windows registry” from your system so that you can do a clean install of the official version of Audacity. (I’d suggest also asking for a refund).

when i originally got the Microsoft store version, it was free not 99 cents like it is now. i wouldn’t have got it if i had to pay for it, knowing that the one on the website was free.

but i had an old beta version of audacity that i didn’t uninstall until i got the updated version from the website, and that one opened the files just fine after i got rid of the Microsoft store version. the only reason i uninstalled it, was that i thought it was interfering with the the new one.

You will still need to fix the file associations. I’ll try to help, but I don’t know in what way(s) they modified their version of Audacity.

Audacity project files have a file extension “.aup”. This file type needs to be associated with the Audacity application which is installed as:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\audacity.exe

This webpage may help you to do that:

i just got it fixed! thanks steve :smiley: :sunglasses: :exclamation:

Excellent. Thanks for the update.