Audacity and Zoom Us for Podcast

Hi there,
I am using MacOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.6
I am trying to change the recording device from Built in Microphone to Zoom audio device as I am trying to record podcasts in Zoom us and also record it via audacity. Can someone tell me how to change the recording device option please?

Also, if anyone can give me some useful links of how to properly use audacity with Zoom us for podcasts would be very helpful.


Do you mean the “Zoom US” streaming / conference service? If so, then my guess is that it will not be possible to record locally at the same time as using the Zoom US service. At least, not possible on one computer without additional hardware / software.

Your best chance of doing so on one computer would be to use a “virtual audio device” such as “iShowU Audio Capture” (, but I have doubts how successful that would be, if it worked at all. “iShowU” is not our software and we are not able to provide technical support for it. I’m only suggesting it as a hint to something that you could try if you are determined to try ever possibility :wink:

It could be done with two computers and a mixing console, by using one computer to record locally, and the other for the streaming service.

The problem is that streaming services usually grab exclusive control of the audio hardware (the “sound card”), and effectively lock out other audio apps from recording.

ok, thank you for that