Audacity and Mac mini M2 issues

Audacity Issues
Audacity Version 3.3.2 Universal
Input: Turntable driving into a Behringer UMC202HD192khz (Sample rate is set to 92kHz)
USB Iput to Mac Mini M2
Mac sound preferences input is set up to use UMC202HD

When trying to rip an album I see signal on the System Prefs Sound Input (volume is at max setting). I have the UMC202HD set as the recordning device for Audacity. However, when trying to rip, even though I see input in Mac Sound Prefs I get no input signal in Audacity.
I do have auto start turned off as well.
I did use MIDI setup on the Mac to select a sample rate of 92Khz on the UMC202HD. Audacity is set to 96kHz as well. Audacity Host is set to Core Audio (PortAudio V19.7.0-devel, revision unknown. Not other Core Audio is available in the drop down.
Computer is a Mac Mini M2 running Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1. Mac Mini is new.

What is the problem…?
Are you trying to record from a preamp having Audio USB output to mac USB input, using Audacity.
what bit does not work…??

Windows guy here. Try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices

Check: Control access to the microphone on Mac - Apple Support.

I am running my turntable into my stereo integrated amplifier to utilize the excellent phone preamp. I then take the record out into the UNC202HD via RCA cable. Then the USB output of the UMC202HD is fed into my Mac Mini’s USB input.
What is happening is the signal input in Audacity is flat lined when playing an album. Like I said, I do see an input response in the Mac’s System Prefs Audio input. Audacity uses the UMC202HD as the audio input. See the screen shot attached.
BTW, I had all this working on an older Man Mini running Audacity 2.2.X just fine. That Mac finally died (it was 9 years old).

I did the rescan and that was no help. But, thanks for the input.

The problem is you have 2 devices and not describing whic is at fault.
I am not a Mac person…but the problem is the setting between the devices.
first close Audacity…
Have you any other audio recording or voice recording software on you Mac.
Plug in the pre-amp USB into Mac and plug the RCA leads into the turntable OR somethig else that has RCA output. Then open other recorder and see do you get any input from the preamp. OR in your MAC sound settings to you see the Preamp enabled and selected and seeing input.
If that works then open Audacity and select the preamp device and see what happens when record.

If you dont have anothe RCA output you can just flick a metal object across the RCA pins and recorder should pick up spikes of noise.
You need to get USB working on MAC before worring about turntable or Audacity.

Also, on new machines, you have to give permission for Audacity to use the “microphone”, otherwise the MacOS won’t let the audio through.

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