Audacity Already Open Error

So on day I force quit audacity as it was trying to open and i tried opening it today and now it won’t open. Need Help!

Have you restarted your Mac?

– Bill


Did you install Audacity the whole way? Did you drag the Audacity product folder into /Applications? If you’re trying to run Audacity from the DMG drive, that can cause serious problems.


Are you running OS-X 10.10, Yosemite?

Apple (upper left) > About This Mac.



Audacity doesn’t run perfectly in Yosemite yet.

Did you do a proper install? Too many people opened up the DMG into a little drive and try to run Audacity directly from that instead of completing the install. The problem with that is it will seem to work, but the computer and Audacity don’t really know about each other and the relationship will slowly grind itself to pieces.


Ah okay, I could make a snarky joke about my ex but I don’t even have a girlfriend. Also if by proper do you mean move the file into applications because if so then I did.

Just because this is a critical point, you don’t move the Audacity program file into /Applications. You move the Audacity application folder.(attached). If you did this with Audacity 2.0.6, then you may have got a real Mac installer.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.19.54 AM.png

Did that.
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.41.48 AM.png

Open Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor and make sure no Audacity applications are running. If Audacity is running, force quit it.

Open Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder and type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

Then open audacity.cfg. Select all the text and delete it.

Then type the following at the top of the file:


Save audacity.cfg.

Restart Audacity by just double-clicking its icon on the /Applications/Audacity folder.


Did that, didn’t work. Do you know if there is any way I can go back to Mavericks?

It should work, assuming you do nothing else than double-click on

All you did is force quit Audacity. In the highly unlikely event this damaged the app, drag the entire Audacity folder to Trash and install Audacity 2.0.6 again following Installation: Do NOT run Audacity from the DMG!!!.

I have Yosemite and Audacity does not to fail to open.

If you have other reasons for reverting to Mavericks, back up your files to an external drive or cloud storage then follow

Or you could keep Yosemite, create a new partition in Disk Utility then install Mavericks into the new partition. You can then boot into either Mavericks or Yosemite by choosing the Startup disk in System Preferences. You can restore your data into Mavericks from the external or cloud backup.

You won’t find Mavericks online. If you need to redownload it, do so from the purchases section of AppStore.