Audacity adding blank audio to track?

Hi. I record audio/video from my PC with Bandicam and at the same time record just my voice with Audacity. Normally I use Adobe Audition but it takes up a lot more memory than Audacity (not a problem for me but I just like to squeeze all performance I can). When using Audition, then editing the track, then adding it to the video it always syncs up using my method (I start voice recording first, then clap as i start video & commentary, then using Audition I would find the clap and delete all audio before it, perfect everytime). I used the same method with Audacity today however each audio track would have 10-30 seconds of additional “nothingness” added at various places throughout the track when I wasn’t talking and it totally would unsync the video. Even if I corrected 1 problem there were many more after it that would eventually add up to total unsynchronization of Video and Voiceover audio…

Why is this happening?!

I cannot account for this problem at all. My PC is an i7 with 8gb ram, nVidia 460, a hi-speed hard drive, and HD 7.1 audio so I doubt it’s my hardware causing it. I wasted an hour shooting footage and over two hours editing audio files only to find that when I went to edit the video(s) that ALL audio files were longer and no good. I had to trash all work for today :frowning: Please help me, thank you.

Audacity 2.0.1
Windows 7 SP1
Bandicam Pro
Adobe Audition CS5.5
Adobe Premiere CS5.5
Zeno Clash (video game, latest version)
Rosewill RHM-6308 headset/mic (usb)
core i7, 8gb ram, hi speed harddisc, hi def audio card, nvidia 560

I record video game footage/audio with bandicam and voice commentary audio with audition I decided to try audacity out and all the audio commentary recorded (which always syncs up 100% in premiere when i use audition, even though I export the audition file to a .wav just like I’m doing with audacity) syncs perfectly at begining however as the track goes on small bits of silence (ranging from miliseconds to full seconds in length) are added at random intervals and will unsync the track completely with video. To sync commentary with video I always start voice recording program first, then clap very loud as I start video/talking and then later I go and delete the excess audio before/after the clap(s) and when added over each other in video making/editing software: voilà, perfectly sync’d up audio commentary over a video (with its own audio). For some reason this did not happen this time… I exported the files all as .wavs with basic settings that audacity has.

Please help! I have wasted sooo much time today :frowning: and am very disappointed because I’ve heard so much good about audacity and I honestly like the recording quality BETTER than with Adobe Audition CS5.5!

You don’t mean Audacity recorded 30 seconds of flat-line track, do you? You mean you stopped for 30 seconds and Audacity failed to record the stop duration?

Sound Activated Recording will do that.

Edit > Preferences > Recording > Sound Activated Recording.


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