Audacity 3 windows build with ASIO

Thank you to the developers for clarifications and simplifications which allowed me to build the latest alpha release without too much trouble. Being a glutton for punishment I went for a 64 bit build and so far it seems OK for basic operation and although slow to build/compile there were no obvious problems following the latest instructions ( which don’t quite tally with the wiki build instructions).
There is no obvious resolution for use of the 64 bit ffmpeg library since the file name only matches the 32 bit dll. I tried the 64 bit avformat file but it didn’t work so I suppose there is more to it than that. Not a huge problem for me as I generally use foobar2K bulk conversion if I need other formats.

Audacity 3.0.3 (the next release version) will be the first official 64-bit release for Windows. The developers are currently working on 64-bit FFmpeg support, so that should be available soon.
I don’t know about ASIO and I don’t generally use Windows.

Thanks Steve. The ffmpeg will complete the picture so I’ll look forward to that. I am having some success with the Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu Mate with a very good audio ‘hat’ so I might try updating to Audacity 3 on that too. There is one minor bug which seems to have carried over from previous versions and that is that the playback sample rate doesn’t immediately match an imported wav file if the audacity default sample rate is different. If you stop and restart playback it is correct at the second attempt.

A bit off-topic, but I was thinking about getting an audio “hat”. Which one did you go for? It sounds like you are happy with it.

You may be able to find an alpha version of 64-bit ffmpeg here:

Thanks Jademan I hadn’t seen that and it works fine.

I missed this part. There is another user that was having a possibly related issue.