Audacity 3.5.1 New Installation

I am not trying to do anything complicated or unusual. I purchased a new computer after using an older version of Audacity for many years. Unfortunately I do not know which version it was. But all I did to use that version was install it on Windows 10 and did nothing to the settings and I was able to record anything through Windows Sound Mixer, and export as mp3 and playback, no problem at all.

On my new computer I installed Audacity 3.5.1, and the setup is all new to me and I do not know what to do to be able to record. I went through the included tutorial, but I don’t understand it. What the pictures show in the tutorial do not match what is in my Audacity. Obviously I am not understanding this.

For Audio Settings:

  1. MIME
  2. Windows DirectSound
  3. Windows WASAPI

I am unable to get any input when I attempt to record.

What should be the general settings for a clean version of Windows 11 Home and Audacity 3.5.1? Can someone help me, please?

This used to be so easy. Why is it so complicated now?

Having the same problem with Mac - no input when I attempt to record. I used Audacity and the same input device to successfully record a lecture series a few years ago. Now-nothing.

I am wondering, could this problem be related to an overlay? Such as a Microsoft Game Bar or something like that? Ostensibly to make life easier, but in reality all it does is make everything more complicated than it needs to be? No humor intended. In other words, Bloatware (Unwanted software added by overzealous software developers to make their applications appear to run faster or be richer in features than they actually are). Yes, I am fed-up with where software development is going.

On a Mac, Host is always “Core Audio”; I think there is no other setting possible (at least not on my machine).

You can select the input source either in the big settings dialog or in the audio setup toolbar (make it visible in the “View” menu).

For Mac problems, I think it is better to open a new thread than to attach your question to a Windows problem…