Audacity 3.4 some bugs

Hello there. With the latest release I have came across bunch of “bugs” and recorded them in a video.

  1. “Loop and selection” bug that crashes the program or won’t let the audio play until unclick the “loop” button.
  2. Some of the plugins won’t work on the audio.
  3. The volume slider doesn’t go on a standart position after “Mixing and Rendering”

Where’s the right hand end of the loop? It looks to be some way off to the right.

So, when I clicked “Loop” by default it selected more than it needed to. It selected 4 seconds and the whole sound is just 1 second. But even when I shorten the selection - it still happens. As soon as I unselect the sound and keep the replay button “on” it bugs out like this.

Also, I’d like to know if the second bug with plugins is going to be fixed in the next patches. This bug is actually not the new release bug, but it was happening in the previous releases as well. I just put it here along with other bugs. Audacity sometimes can’t render applied effects properly from different type of plugins. Some plugins are fine, but others either can give you a completely different result after rendering or not applied at all. Any thoughts on this?

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