Audacity 3.4.1 - Unable to record in stereo with mixer despite working this way for years

I’ve been using Audacity since 2009. For the last three years, I’ve been using a mixer Mackie ProFX8v2 with it and have always recorded in stereo. I’m a Windows 10 user.

After a few months off making radio and podcasts, still using the Mackie, I’m unable to record in stereo and as soon as the mixer is switched on, am only given the option to record in mono.

I’ve updated Audacity now to 3.4.1 and am still having the same issue. I’ve watched a number of YouTube videos, spoken to engineers who can get this working their end, and it’s to no avail. I’m unable to resolve this. Why is Audacity defaulting to mono when I’m using my mic with the mixer? I haven’t changed the way I’m working.

Please advise.

Thanks for your time.

Another thing to check: [Windows-Key]-R > “mmsys.cpl” > Recording tab > ProFX8v2 > Properties > Advanced Tab > Default Format.

Appreciate the response but I don’t understand this at all. Where/how do I do this?

Start here: What is a Windows Key?

Thanks - that’s very helpful. So now I can record in Stereo though Audacity makes me work for this. It still defaults to the mono. The recording levels seem low, which is a little frustrating, but the outstanding problem now is when I try to record a show with a second guest (online), whether in stereo or mono, Audacity/the mixer aren’t picking them up. I never had this problem in 3 years until now.

One was to accomplish this is to use another (a third online) computer.

However, for this, I am going to step out of this discussion so someone else can step in.