Audacity 3.20 Real Time Effects

I have a problem with using the Real TIme Effects feature. It doesn’t show the changes to the waveform, which I know is intentional, BUT, it doesn’t not showing the affect, which in many cases includes massive level variations and severe clipping, is not very usable to me .

One more item, when exporting an “.mp3” file, the comment line in the metadata keeps getting duplicated and adding to the same comments, each time you open that file and export it again.


Your reply appears to be unrelated to howard’s question. :confused:

This is the case in all DAW apps that use real-time effects. It’s not possible for the app to show the modified waveform because the audio has not been modified, it is only the audio playback stream that is modified.

In many situations it is important to be able to see the changes. In these cases, use “normal” (“destructive”) effects.
All effects that are available as “real-time” are also available in the main “Effect” menu.

(Personally I prefer the phrase “WYSIWYG effects”, because the term “destructive effects” has negative connotations, whereas being able to see the result is often a very good thing.)

Sounds like this issue: