Audacity 3.2

I am using the Audacity version 3.2 my project has a lot tracks, and I am experiencing a lot of latency (I do understand a lot of tracks a lot of latency) K finally was able to save my latest version via back up. I also saved it as a wav file, but could not burn because it was coming up corrupt every time I tried to burn. I guess my overall question is can I open and use a legacy version? I hope this made some sense. Thank you again,


Latency happens when you are recording and is frequenty measured in milliseconds. Or are you experiencing sluggish behavior or excessive/extreme slowness? (Which could be measured in tens or hundreds of seconds) If so, also see here for a possible repair:


A corrupt wav file could be caused by a hardware failure or a faulty software installation.

I think you are looking for 2.4.2 here:


3.0.2? (There is no 3.2 unless you have an “unofficial” version.)

Thank you guys for responding so soon, I am using 3.0.2 and yes very sluggish I’m currently using an Hp x360 laptop (8 gb ram i5 processor and 256 storage which is tapped, and I know not a good idea, but I’m using an hp 500 ssd gb external hard drive) you guys probably know all of this stuff (I guess this is a recipe for my own disaster) but for now this what I have to work with. Can I go back and use the 2.4.2 with a project that is saved in 3.0.2? Thank you guys again

P.s.what would be a good laptop or would a desktop be better?

No. The project format changed in 3.0.0.