Audacity Running More than one copy cannot find or reinstall/uninstall Windows 11

I can’t get Audacity to run because it says there is another copy already running on my computer. But when I go to task manager I can only find one copy. I shut it down and try again, same message. I tried to reinstall but I think there is an additional issue of the location of the Audacity file on my C drive because it says the program is not found in the file path it auto directs to - so something is funky and it’s not just me. Is there anyone who could run some ideas by me to try before I start to feel unaddressed inner turmoil? :confused: I’m appreciative in advance.

Sigh…maybe I’m asking too many questions to start out I’ll try again. I guess the first question is how can I reinstall Audacity from scratch if I can’t find this second copy of the program it says I’m running if I only find one in the task manager? Thanks in advance - / Windows 11

Have you tried rebooting the computer?