Audacity 3.2.3 Crashing

Why is Audacity crashing today? Seems like it is something to do with the Audacity folder in the C drive. I am being forced to use Audition.

You can try deleting or renaming your %appdata%\audacity directory found at Windows (C:)\Users<YourName>\AppData\Roaming\audacity

I think that worked. I did not quite see an %appdata% file, but I did see an audacity file which I renamed to audacity1. After I used the software and saved the recording however, it did produce a new audacity file.

So those are two different names for the same animal. :wink: Glad you seem to be back in business. :smiley:

Yes. But there is a big file (about 1 hour and 48 minutes) Im trying to save so it can be uploaded to a server to be played on the radio in half an hour. Though I am removing the audacity file, its still crashing. Yesterday I uninstalled the whole program, including the Audacity folder in C drive, then reinstalled. Any other thing comes to mind to fix this?

Please see the attached file for the error message I’m getting.

It is possible that Audacity simply does not like converting this particular file to MP3. So I would try to Export to .WAV, then use a third party tool (VLC?) to convert to .MP3. If you can’t export to .WAV, then I’ll take a look at your zipped up .aup3 project file.

Somehow Audacity reset, and I have no idea how. All of my macros and presets are gone. Really weird because if I uninstall the program, download the latest and reinstall, I still seem to have the presets, etc. But again, it somehow crashed, and came back clean. So now its operating like it should.

So they are all likely in your audacity1 folder along with whatever it was that was crashing the application. Be selective when you restore these items.