Audacity 3.13

I’ve tried everything to correct this situation so many times but can’t find how to do. It’s probably simple and I’m sure I’m not the only one wit this problem. When I work inside the app most times I find the waveform view is chopped in half. I don’t know what I do to create this but can someone please let me know how to correct?

“Most times” ? :confused:
If you generate some audio (from the Generate menu) into a new, empty project, do you see the full waveform or only the top half?
If you see only the top half, then you have inadvertently enabled that option in Preferences. The easiest way to fix that is to reset Preferences (in the “Tools” menu).

If you Right Click on the track’s vertical ruler, there are several “Zoom” settings. The “Half Wave” option displays the top half of the waveform only.
See also: “Vertical Scale context menu”)