Audacity 3.1 crashes on MacOS 10.9.5

I did a clean install of MacOS 10.9 and all the available OS updates.
Audacity 3.1 crashes at startup.

2.4.2 loads without problems

Mac OS 10.9.5
iMac 24" early 2009
2.9 GHz Intel Core Duo
8 GB Ram

I did a clean install of MacOS 10.9

Because? Was it misbehaving? Is it a laptop? How long can you run on batteries?

I think maybe a 12-year old Mac and OS may be too old an environment for Audacity 3. Others may post.

I still do production on 2.4.2 Did you try to upgrade for a reason? Was there a function or tool you needed?

Given the Project file problems with Audacity 3, I think I would stay at 2.4.2 for a while.


Hi Koz,

It is a desktop. No battery problem.

I did a clean install of 10.9 on a newly formatted drive so that I could load the Roland EDIROL UA-1EX driver.

I started with Audacity 3.1 because it was believed to run on 10.9, not for any specific new features or bug fixes.

I understand the older OS are not supported anymore.

I did have success running Audacity 2.4.2. and I believe it will meet my needs.

Thank you