Audacity 3.1.3

I am unable to perform any operation.
I get an error code: -999

What to do?

I think that’s the error code when Audacity can’t find anything to record from or playback to. Sometimes both at once.

It can be misleading. Say you have “Playthrough” selected and you try to record your voice from a known, good, working microphone. Audacity will also try to play that live recording to whatever your speakers or headphones are. If they’re missing or misadjusted, Audacity may get very upset with you and give you the error code in spite of the fact that the recording portion of that is fine.

You can also run into permission issues. Windows may not connect to everything you own just by you plugging them in. You may need to register them, about which I know nothing.

Google Windows Permissions.

We may have something about there here. Looking.


I have been using this software regular since December and always download each upgrade. Recently upgraded to 3.1.3
Finished recording and producing an audiobook.

I use a M-Audio box connected to a audio-technica mic. I have had no problems until yesterday.

I can play back previous files. I can pull files but I cannot record new files.

Thanks for your help.

How can I resolve this?

Do I need to re-download?
I have re-connected all components. I have rebooted the computer. I have restarted the software.

I need to get back to work.

Are you sure that’s the correct error code? Perhaps you mean:
“-9999 Unanticipated host error”

The usual reasons for error -9999 are:

  1. A lost connection to a USB audio device.
  2. Recent Windows / Mac update requiring that user gives permission for Audacity to access the microphone.

Note that after updating Audacity it may be necessary to give permission for Audacity to access the audio device again, even if you have done this previously.

AHHHH… You have saved the day!

The mic access had been altered in a windows update (I believe).
Restored to operational !!

Thank you for your assistance.

I’m not certain (as I don’t use Windows), but I strongly suspect that this was because the current version of Audacity is a 64-bit app, and you probably updated from a 32-bit version, hence Windows thinking that it’s a different app. If that’s correct, then future updates should not have this problem.