Audacity 3.1.3; Split Shortcut (Ctrl+Tab) no longer works

I know by default the audio split was originally assigned with the key combination of “Ctrl+I” it works but for someone that uses the function so much, I found the alternative to “Ctrl+I” which was “Ctrl+Tab”, works the same and even makes my work lot easier – I don’t have to drop the mouse before using the shortcut with the case of “Ctrl+Tab” but not with “Ctrl+I”, which proved to be inefficient.

I have been using Audacity 2.4.2 for a very long time without bothering myself with the new updates; even the first version of Audacity for 3.x works fine with “Ctrl+Tab”, but just today, I looked up to try out the new version to find out the shortcut no longer works, instead “Tab” as been assigned a new function, and I cannot even change the settings from the preferences, it won’t allow me to use “Tab” while setting the shortcut. I couldn’t work with the new version spite all the new features added, I still have to revert and wait till I there is something that works like 2.4.2.

Kindly, if you can fix this for the new update that will be awesome.
Thank you.