Audacity 3.1.3 not working for Windows

Hello, I recently updated my Dell Laptop and Audacity to have the 3.1.3 version and Windows 21H2. Now when I connect my Audio-technica AT-LP120XUSB via the usb port, it no longer feeds audio and wont let me record. Is there any info you could give me to solve this? been watching all the tutorials and the same issue still occurs. Thanks

It might be a [u]privacy setting[/u].

Yeah I have already allowed those settings still not getting full audio coming through on Audacity. It picks up like the tiniest frequency when a loud part of a song comes on.

Perhaps you are recording from your internal microphone not from your turntable. Do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices after plugging in your turntable, then select it as your recording device in the Device Toolbar

Still getting the same issue, cheers for the help though