Audacity 3.0.0 and Amplitube 5

I am trying out Amplitube on my Windows 10 desktop. How would I go about recording what is coming out of Amplitube? I don’t see a way to do that - install Amplitube in Audacity as a VST maybe? Can I run Amplitube as either a VST or standalone?



On doing further research maybe ‘Loopback Recording’ is the proper path here. I can’t try it because I am also having a Amplitube 5 issue that is unresolved.

Surely this is a common scenario that many have encountered and solved (??).


You will probably hit a problem if Amplitube is using ASIO.
ASIO tends to grab exclusive control of the computer sound system, which interferes with non-ASIO applications like Audacity.

If Amplitube is NOT using ASIO, then yes I’d suggest using WASAPI loopback.

Steve, thanks. That is EXTREMELY helpful! dave

Hope you guys can help me. I don’t even see Amplitube 5 when I go to Effects>Enable Plug-ins. Do you know why Audacity is not showing it? Thanks.

I think Dave [above] was using the standalone version of amplitube, (not the plugin version).

Not all VST plugins are supported by Audacity … https ://

[Apparently the current version of Amplitube is VST3].