Audacity-2 for x68-64 ?

I use Slackware-13.1 x86-64 version. Then I do compile new version audacity for my PC I take this error

configure: Checking that the chosen version of wxWidgets is 2.8.x
configure: error: Unable to locate a suitable configuration of wxWidgets v2.8.x or higher.
The currently available configurations are listed below.  If necessary, either
install the package for your distribution or download the latest version of

    Default config is gtk2-unicode-2.9

  Default config will be used for output

BUT wx-config --version-full give me and wx-config --version - 2.9.1
What I do wrong?

Does your WxWidgets installation include the development headers?
Another possibility is that 2.9.1 may be too recent - the most recent version that I’ve tried is 2.8.12.

In slackware soft installation FOREVER with development headers. Downgrade version wxWidgets? This is very-very bad idea. If I do it my another software my be broken (

Can you do (as root):

apt-get build-dep audacity

on Slackware (if you have not already)? That should show you if dependencies are missing.

Certainly on Windows, Audacity cannot be built against wx 2.9 without many changes, and that may be true on other platforms, but your error isn’t saying that (yet). If you still have a problem please post your configure input.

If it is needed to build Audacity against wx 2.8.12 then compile and install 2.8.12 separately and do something like the following when configuring Audacity:

WX_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/wx-config ./configure

where /usr/local/bin has the 2.8.12 install.


As far as I’m aware, I think Slackware doesn’t use apt. Well at least it didn’t in the old days…
Apt package manager is usually only used by Debian and Debian-based distros, such as Ubuntu.

According to wikipedia (about Slackware’s package management):

The package management system does not track or manage dependencies, instead it relies on the user to ensure that the system has all the supporting system libraries and programs required by the new package. If any of these are missing, there may be no indication until the newly installed software is used.

Like Gale said you can build a local copy of an older wxwidgets version and place it in a different directory, then build audacity against it.
In which case is probably good idea to build it statically so it doesn’t depend on dynamic libs to be run and you should then be able to safely remove the unwanted wxwidgets version.