I’m currently using Aud. 2.4.2, and windows 10 user. I have the scarlet solo 2nd gen interface/USB
I’m recording drum tracks straight plugged into the solo interface. then i try recording guitar track same time drum track is playing
the guitar track is slightly off when play back. I have to shift the guitar track slightly to line up with the drum track so it will be in time.
I did a latency test before I started recording with a click track, all all lined up and good.
i recorded a drum track direct from my Alesis SR15 DRUM machine thru the scarlet solo interface into audacity. for some reason the guitar tracks are not lining up in time with drum track. any ideas? I’m a rookie !

So, you have overdubbing checked and I assume the latency test you did was here:

Others have had better luck with latency than I have, and in fact, they may post their solutions here. For me, it has been close, but I have not been able to always rely on it.

In the movies, they use a clapperboard. In production, they can look at the video and know exactly where the audio starts.

When you are playing the drums, you can include an intro: 3, 2, 1, boom. Pluck your “E” string on the boom. Then use these calibration marks to line up the tracks later as you did with the latency test. But this is likely redundant to what you already have…

I hope this helps. :smiley: Oh, and what is your latency? And how much does it seem to vary?

And how much does it seem to vary?

See now, you didn’t say it varied. You said it was different once. Does it change all the time?

Play the same piece to the drum track several times (keep selecting the drum-only as the backing track). Do you get a lot of different guitar tracks? Or do you get several perfectly overlayed guitar tracks that just miss the drum track? Those are very different problems.