Audacity 2.4.2 not exporting SOLVED

I’ve just downloaded Audacity 2.4.2 and am trying to export (mp3 or wav) a large audio file (1h 16m) but nothing happens when I click export. I’ve tried as mp3 and wav. Its a while since I’ve used Audacity so I may be doing something wrong or missing something.

Which option are you choosing from the Export sub-menu?

Please describe the exact steps you take to export the audio.

– Bill

I’m going to File–Export–Export as MP3/WAV. It seems to be working now but when I first tried it (after downloading the app), I would click on export as mp3 and/or wav and nothing would happen (the Save As dialogue box wasn’t opening). But seems ok now (hopefully). Thanks anyway.

I am having the same problem on 2.4.2… It worked exporting from .aup to .wav yesterday and STOPPED this morning!! I know all of the steps and it worked for me for some time. Converting to .wav on an export command is so incredibly easy. Audacity even CONFIRMS it “has been exported as .wav” but NOW, when I go to WeTransfer to attach the audio files to an email, it has stopped working and remains as .aup, which of course cannot be opened or heard by the listener. NOBODY seems to have an answer that works, I hope somebody on this forum does, since Audacity won’t let a technical employee speak with me or even email back and forth. This is wrecking my ability to send out my songs to fans and friends. HELP ME, PLEASE!!!

My guess is that you are looking in the wrong folder.
Try creating a new, empty folder somewhere convenient (such as on you Desktop) and export the WAV file into that folder.
After exporting, but before closing the Audacity project, look in the folder to check that the WAV file is there.

My audacity is not exporting. Not for any format. I used it yesterday and it was fine. I’m using version 2.4.2. Can anyone please advise?

What exactly are you doing, and what exactly is happening?