Audacity 2.4.1

I currently have Cinnamon, but am seriously thinking of going back to the Mint 12 or 13 that I was previously using. Can I run 2.4.1 on the older Mint? I’ll also consider any Linux system but Cinnamon.

“Cinnamon” isn’t an operating system, or a version of Linux, it’s a Desktop Environment.

The easiest way to switch to a different “Desktop Environment” is to install one via your package manager. It is possible to have multiple Desktop Environments installed at the same time, and select the one that you want on log-in.

Hi Jebbers,

Can you help us to help you? If you give more information about your installation then we might be able to help better.

I am running Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon edition with the Audacity 2.4.1 Flatpak installed (the Ubuntuhandbook1 PPA version is incomplete) and I can use the HOME and END keys to navigate to the beginning and end of a track.

I have duplicated a track multiple times (1->2->4->8 tracks) and HOME and END keys still work. What do you mean by cursor skipping? I can select a track and it plays normally.

I can’t see that Cinnamon in itself is the cause of your problems. Sure, it presents a few visual artifacts due to wxWidgets being built against GTK3 instead of the GTK2 recommended by the Audacity developers but otherwise it’s functional.

Neil Darlow

I just read your post. I’ll have to take a few days to understand it. I’m not very tech savvy.

I requested that we be able to put our system info in our sigs. Don’t know why we can’t. That way I can always have a reminder there for me. Now I have to try to recall or go look it up. I have Linux Mint 19.1. What other info do you need? This was never a problem since I began in 2013.

The skipping is, try to imagine an analog disc with grooves, an LP, and the needle is just jumping over the grooves. It’s incredibly annoying. the only way to bypass it is to back up the cursor and listen from the previous five or ten seconds. Then it “catches a one of the grooves,” it catches onto one of the bytes and starts the playback. Until it latches onto one of the bytes it’s just skipping and scratching.

Try to also imagine the annoyance. If I am zoomed in to do detailed editing and I have to back out of zoom each time I want to review because I can’t back up the cursor five seconds while zoomed in!