Audacity 2.4.1 - turn up the gain?

My recordings always end up too quiet, even the audio track LOOKS quiet. I’ve got the gain on my Focusrite Scarlett Solo turned up all the way.
Any suggestions?
Thank you,

What’s the microphone?

Most home microphones come out of the box quiet. They always produce some show and the performer always thinks they’re doing something wrong like you’re doing. If the microphones were sold with normal or hot sound, they would produce instant annoying distortion and make you want to send it back.

No contest.

Are you getting anywhere close to this?

That’s the rough goal for voice recording. Blue wave peaks occasionally at the half-way mark and the bouncing sound meter occasionally trying to turn yellow.

You could have the embarrassing problem of talking into the wrong end of the microphone. Directional microphones will attenuate your voice if you do that and it’s way easier to get wrong than you think. The Yeti is an insanely popular home microphone, but I dare you to tell me from the Yeti instructions where the “front” is, and no, it’s not the rounded end.

Anyway, you can’t just get closer to the microphone. That will give you P-Popping and other mouth noises.

You can, however cheat.

Pull off any pop and blast filters you may have and use Oblique Positioning (B).

Explicit nose.png
You can get closer without any wind distortion and many times make up the difference between the volume you got and what you want. You can’t bob and weave around if you do this. So it does limit your expression a bit. It’s highly recommended you wear headphones while you perform, if that’s possible. That will give you a real-time feel for how loud you are as you perform. Once you get used to talking into your own ear, it gives you very controlled, even speech.