Audacity 2.3.3 Unhandled Unknown Exception


Audacity 2.3.3 installed on my Windows 10 Pro build 18363 keeps generating the same crash behaviour when trying to record streaming audio with Audacity set to WASAPI. Audacity gets about 5.5 seconds into the audio then generates the “unhandled unknown exception; terminating the thread in which it happened” message. After this the Stop button keeps depressing of its own accord and none of the control buttons work. The program says it’s still recording and there’s nothing I can do to get Audacity out of this recording mode. After closing the program, I have to kill it Task Manager to get it to open again. Also, Audacity can’t import WAV files, it never populates the “Importing WAV” dialog box of the Cross Platform Sound Editor with info. I thought it might be something to do with WAV being associated to VLC player by default, but Audacity still can’t import WAV files even when Windows 10 sets it to the default app for this type of file. So I can’t do anything with Audacity 2.3.3: I can’t open/import WAV files and I can’t record anything. I’ve attached an Audacity-generated log file which lists numerous errors. Hopefully that might shed some light on what the problem might be.

Hope you can help.

log.txt (2.08 KB)

Can it import this WAV file (it’s just a 10 second rising tone):

Hi Steve,

No it can’t.


I might have fixed this. The problem might have had something to do with file security permissions because Audacity was complaining when I checked via Preferences → Directories that either a folder or a file inside that folder (a weirdly named file, something like "cani – can’t remember the rest of its name, but it was “cani” do something, all in lowercase) it was trying to access via the Windows AppData\Local\Temp path couldn’t be written to, or something to that effect. I’ve changed the path to…AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData, which I got from my other Windows 10 computer where Audacity 2.3.3 is working okay; so the last two folders I created and gave myself (my username) all security permissions. Never done that before, so at least I learnt how to do something new from this Audacity problem.

Having said all that, Audacity seemed to be working fine for about 15 minutes or so after one of the reinstalls I did yesterday but then it went back to keep-crashing mode again from which it never recovered, so my “fix” might have nothing to do with the underlying problem, whatever that may be. I’ll post again if the problem resurfaces.

Hope you’re enjoying Christmas btw :slight_smile: