Audacity 2.3.3 Running Windows 8 Version on a Windows 10 Computer

Hi All,
Installed Audacity on my Dell XPS 13. I am running Windows 10 on this machine. When I started up Audacity it was very blurry and looked off as I had previously run it on a friends computer. Looking at the properties it seemed that the latest compatibility for Audacity was for Windows 8. Have tried various things and cannot seem to get Audacity to run on a later version which is very frustrating as I need some of the features I was accessing on my friends version.
Cheers for the help.

Audacity 2.3.3 does work on Windows 10. You can get it (free) via the Audacity website:

Hello Steve,
I understand that Audacity works on Windows 10 but on my computer it is running in a Windows 8 version. I have just tried reinstalling and the same problem is still occurring. Any ideas to fix?

A “Windows 8 version” of what?
The current version of Audacity for Windows is Audacity 2.3.3.

I am having the same problem…when I look at ‘compatability’ it tells me I’m running 2.3.3 on windows 8, even though I’m actually using windows10

Why are you guys messing around with compatibility settings? The installation instructions make no mention of compatibility settings, so why are you doing that?

I understand that the installation instructions have no mention of compatibility settings but I was looking at them as Audacity installed in Windows 8 compatibility when I downloaded it. It seems Windows 10 compatibility is not available for my machine for some reason. I have tried reinstalling multiple times but this has not changed anything. I looked online @ to see the system requirements and it appears I meet them all (I’m using a Dell XPS 13). Not too sure why it is not working, and as I had previously completed recordings on a different computer with the Windows 10 version, all the audio has been distorted.

You’re not telling me something. What do you mean “Audacity installed in Windows 8 compatibility”? Where, why, how did you see that?
What was the original problem?

When I downloaded Audacity and launched it, it looked completely off (e.g. blurry). Right clicked on Audacity, clicked Properties and then went to Compatibility. There is no available option for Windows 10 (the highest being Windows 8) despite my machine running Windows 10.

That’s because Windows 10 is the native platform, so no compatibility workarounds are necessary.

What’s your screen resolution?

4K resolution, 13-inch display.

Audacity does not fully support high dpi, and some of the graphics are small bitmaps (a limitation of the GUI toolkit that Audacity uses).
I don’t have a 4k monitor for testing, but there are some suggestions here about blurry apps: