Audacity 2.3.3 Allow interoperability of Filter Curve and Graphic EQ


In Audacity 2.3.2, and earlier, you were able to switch between the Draw and Graphic Equalizer views and modify in either.

The Audacity 2.3.3 update has separated these functions and, it appears, the definitions also. This means you have to create your equalizations twice in both Filter Curve and Graphic EQ view - they are no longer linked and you can’t toggle between the two views to edit your equalization.

As there is not yet a means to export and import between Filter Curves and Graphic EQ it’s forcing you to choose which interface to use to describe your equalization and there is a loss of flexibility.

The only solution I can see is to implement import and export across these two interfaces ASAP.


That’s true, but doing so was not without issues. If you had a “curve” with just a few points and switched to “Graphic” mode, the original curve would have to be converted to a close approximation of sliders, but then, on switching back to Draw mode, the curve would now have dozens of control points so as to closely match the settings in the Graphic Eq. Also, the curve in Draw mode allows points to be set over an extreme dB range (you can set a point at -120 dB), but in Graphic mode, the range was limited to +/- 20 dB. In short, the two effects could not be fully compatible with each other.

Import / Export of presets is planned for the next Audacity release, not only for the equalization effect, but for virtually all of Audacity’s built-in effects.
I would hope that Import/Export for the equalization effects will be compatible with earlier versions of Equalization, but I can’t guarantee that will be possible because the old “curve format” was not designed as a general purpose preset format.