Audacity 2.3.2 Crashes When Exporting to MP3

I have a very important podcast and am afraid to lose it. Audacity keeps crashing each time I try to export to an MP3 file. I’ve checked the rate and followed the recommended render and mix from the FAQ. Even after that it keeps crashing. I updated to 2.3.2 today in hopes this would help but it hasn’t.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!


Can you export to WAV?

You may have an invalid file name or maybe you’re saving to an invalid location or a location where you don’t have permission something like that.

Don’t put punctuation marks in filenames—especially with dates. Today is 20190729.

Export to your desktop. Do not use Cloud Drives or any internet or network connected storage. If everything else fails, can you save it as an Audacity Project? That’s File > Save rather than File > Export.

If the computer angels frowned on you, you may not have enough room on your machine to do anything with it.

Bleeding desperation method is play the show in your speakers and record it on your smartphone. How long is the show? Don’t make any noise in the room while it’s doing that.


record it on your smartphone

Voice Memo or Music Memo if you have an iPhone. Voice Memo is easier to transfer sound, but Music Memo has better quality. Turn off all notifications and rings.