Audacity 2.3.1 no longer opens mp4 audio


Audacity, has always been able to open the audio from an .mp4 file, but in 2.3.1 it can no longer do it. This seems
really idiotic. I record gaming videos, and my mp4 files contain multiple audio tracks. Adobe Premiere elements will
only open one of them, so I used Audacity to open all of them, save the individual tracks and load them into
the video editor.

Now I can’t do that, and I have no way to get the game audio or the mic audio, or the communications audio out of the
mp4 file.

Why was this done, and is there anyway to get around it?



Make sure [u]FFmpeg[/u] is installed.

…At some point in Audacity’s history there was an upgrade where you had to upgrade FFmpeg too, so if you’ve had Audacity for a long time you may need to delete and re-install it.

Just for information, Audacity has never supported MP4 without help from either FFmpeg or QuickTime.

Also, the current version of Audacity is 2.3.2 (available via the Audacity website:

Great info, thank you that fixed it. :smiley: