Audacity 2.3.0 Software loopback issues, possibly related to surround sound

I’m using software to airplay from my iPhone to my computer, then trying to record that. So far, I’ve got to loopback on the headphones, but when I playback the clip I recorded, it’s in far lower quality, only utilizing two channels, even though the device supports (and could only be opened) with 8 selected. I believe the input source, my phone, is sending surround audio, when I enabled surround in my headphone settings, there was a noticeable increase in sound quality. For some reason, Audacity is not recording anything except the two stereo channels, resulting in a far away and quiet sounding clip.

I got to using loopback, with my headphones, using 8 channels. When I record, it doesn’t even put audio in the other channels, only the first two, and it sounds far away and tinny. My headphones support (in fact it would only work with) 8 channels, and I know the source has some surround sound coming through, when it’s enabled in my headphones I notice an increase in sound quality, suggesting more channels are being used. But audacity only records the two. The other tracks are silent.

I have no idea if WASAPI Loopback supports multichannel capture, and I’m not home so I don’t have any way of trying-out surround sound at the moment…

In the [u]Device Toolbar[/u] can you select 8 channels?

My headphones support (in fact it would only work with) 8 channels,

What headphones do you have? Of course, headphones only have two earpieces (2-channels) so the only way to get “true” surround sound is with [u]head-tracking headphones[/u].