Audacity 2.2

Hi Greetings I am testing new the version I have figure out its cool , but I have some Issue at the moment of opening audio from the button menu it doesnt open it all just a little frame, I was used to open files from the option “Open” so I figure out then it does on the button “Import”, other inquiry I would like you to add please, could be to open the wave form screen at Max. Because everytime that I open files are on the middle of the screen. At the moment of cutting files the mouse pointer doesnt slide as before. I must adjust the screen. I will continue checking it. Thank You

What is “the button menu”?

Please post a screenshot of the “little frame” so that we can see what you mean.

I mean this, so it only opens complete on Import options

I figure out how to fix this and is by pushing these Buttons, anyway Im concerned about this, well so my Last issue is about cutting the files the mouse doesnt slide while selecting the time frame on zoom mode as before. Thank You